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What is it?

Rent is a form of agreement for non-exclusive rights for a software (simple licence) to be assigned for temporary ownership and use by the lessee for a rental charge.


Our proposition extends the notion of Rent!
  • Technical support is included
  • Always the most up-to-date software versions
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Data warehousing
  • Cloud telephony, multi-operation centre
  • Multiple tasks on one server,
    "trade off" between tasks
  • Total control over business processes and quality


The system always works (cloud solution)
Quick set-up and tuning by integration specialists
System administrators are no longer needed
Minimal risks are distributed between the director, data centre and integrator
Small one-off payment
Reduction of tax base
No need for purchase of expensive server equipment
You don't need to be a technical specialist. Just do business

Where to start ?

Call us or request a return call, in simple words describe HOW you would like to work.
In 1-2 days a personal proposition will be prepared for you or you will get access to a trial version, specifically customised for your city.
While you update the appwith details of your drivers and fares, integration specialists will customise it in accordance with your requirements (business processes).
We test if everything works as planned and ... launch the working mode.

Why our customers choose O-Taxi?

  • We know how to make money on taxi
  • We know that currently available taxi appsarevery complex and do not meet your requirements
  • We know that all taxi services work quite identically
  • And we know that other software products require you to adjust your business process to the software. This is wrong.
  • Our app user does not have to be an IT specialist
  • You do not need to pay for system administrators, you will not require expensive servers.
  • All you need is a reliable internet connection and ordinary office PCs.
Do you want to simply do business
without worrying about software?
Choose O-Taxi! 

how much is the rent?

Choose a tariff plan that suits you


199 $
up to 1000 orders per day
299 $
from 1 000 to 3000 orders per day
399 $
from 1000 orders per day


299$ per month
up to 200 orders per day
0,03$ per order
>from 200 to 500 orders per day
0,02$ per order
from 500 orders per day

Buy Box O-TAXI

What is Box?

You purchase software licences and can install it wherever you want - in a control office, on servers in your data centre or at home. The licence is "non-expiring" - has a never ending life span.
  • Total control over the entire process and your data
  • In case of poor internet connection in your area
  • Total independence and confidentiality
  • No compulsory payments to software developers
  • Technical support in accordance with the chosen tariff plan

Terminology, to avoid confusion:

Software purchase— is a form of sub-licence agreement for non-exclusive rights for a software (simple licence) to be assigned for unlimited use after a one off payment.
Application technical support— is a maintenance service for previously purchased software licences, it includes specialist advice on the use and settings, software version updates, error correction, as well as other services which can be optionally added. Technical support service is not included in the licence price and has an expiration date.

App capabilities

Underlying technology
Innovative telephony
Bus service
Integration with Maps
Working with drivers
Integration with
payment services
Customer loyalty
Ordering via mobile app
or Web-site
Working with business clients
Integration with order
suppliers and exchange sites

Why I will NOT chooseO-TAXI ?

  • Our work is paper based - tradition must be respected!
  • We do not need a total control over our employees and drivers.
  • We do not need to reduce losses from poor quality work.
  • We do not need efficiency and simplicity for the operator.
  • We do not need to increase customers loyalty.
  • We need to be dependent on our staff quality.
  • I am sure that the software XXX, which we have been using, gives the maximum profit.
  • We are so large that further growth is superfulous.

Buying O-TAXI you get:

O-Taxi increases the quality of order processing.
  • complete tracking of order milestones. O-Taxi includes "hanging" of an order in the system.
  • automated SMS client notification on the current state of the order. Customer feels like he or she is being thought of. The system informs the customer about the order being accepted in the system, a car has been assigned, the car has arrived, and the total cost of order. This way of communication increases customer loyalty and prevents the customer to call another taxi service.
  • automatic calculation of total cost of order. Customers love stability. O-Taxi allows setting of a fixed price for a customer regardless of qualification level of the operator or taxi manager.
  • automatic recording of non-cash orders. Working with business clients is associated with massive management activity. Such customers usually require reports on rides and confirmation that the service was used by their employees. O-Taxi algorithm completely unifies collaboration with individuals and businesses. The difference is just in one button. All reports are generated automatically. Driver payments are also automated.
  • automatic record of important personas. It is essential to differentiate CEOs with whom you have an agreement in place. O-Taxi allows you to do that. Employees always know who they are dealing with and if it is an important persona, they can provide a higher quality client service.
  • automatic input of client phone numbers. O-Taxi eliminates input of an incorrect phone number. This prevents useless car mileage. Also it allows to automate calling back to the customer, saving time and improving accuracy.
O-Taxi allows you to become independent of your staff quality

The staff problem exists since long ago.

O-Taxi does not require highly qualified staff.

To become a telephone operator one needs to master pressing 4 buttons. For a radio operation there may be 10 buttons.

Usually, if the applicant can simply write, than in 30 minutes he can tolerably manipulate with O-Taxi. After another day the candidate works at the level of an "old-timer".

Thus, you as an owner of a taxi service minimise risks of strikes. Obviously, low-skilled staff is cheap and is always presented on the market in excess.

O-Taxi has a user friendly interface, that was specifically developed taking into account the feedback from its previous and current users. It is very easy for the staff to learn.

It is necessary to mention the cloud version of O-Taxi. In case of installation of this version you eliminate the position of a system administrator, which in return results in cost savings and strong nerves.

O-Taxi allows to control everything!

If you control your business, then you make a profit; if you do not control your business, you do not make a profit.

O-Taxi allows for a total non-expensive control over the service.

Points of control:

  • Precise route prices;
  • Precise commission payments for drivers;
  • Precise commission payments for business customers;
  • Phone calls recording;
  • Statistics on operators' performance.